In the Beginning:
Local entrepreneurs share their startup stories

Journalist Julia Goldberg with the Santa fe Reporter interviewed Entrepreneur Storyteller Jay Galvan Heneghan to provide a preview of the story of EMR-Bear that Jay would share at the 4.4.19 KAESF Entrepreneur Storytime event. Julia also interviewed KAESF co-founder Melanie Lenci to find out why she started these storytelling events.


Melanie Lenci and Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs

New Mexico TechWorks had the opportunity to ask Melanie Lenci a few questions about her work and involvement in entrepreneurship in the community. Melanie launched Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs of Santa Fe (KAESF) to combine her love for storytelling and connecting people to highlight the amazing entrepreneur community in Santa Fe. Melanie shares how entrepreneurship and technology allows her to create the job she loves.